Lemon Muffins

By Christopher King, Published: May 7, 2020

Quick & Easy Lemon Muffins

Here is a quick and easy lemon muffin recipe. If you enjoy the sweet and tangy taste that any lemon dessert brings, then you will be sure to love this. Give them a try and let me know how you get on.


10-15 mins


15 mins


20 muffins

Lemon Muffins Recipe | Red Cliff Lodge


  • - 400g plain flour

  • - 200g caster sugar

  • - 2 teaspoons baking powder

  • - 2 eggs

  • - 150ml sunflower oil

  • - 300ml milk

  • - 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

  • - 2 lemons juiced and zest grated


  1. Add oil, milk and vanilla essence in a mixer

  2. Add eggs and sugar

  3. Slowly add flour and baking powder

  4. Add lemon juice and zest

  5. Half fill muffin cases or fairy bun cases

  6. Cook for 15 min at 180 degrees

  7. Optional: Dip in melted lemon curd, then dip in granulated sugar to give a crisp topping

  8. Optional: Change lemon with orange and dip in chocolate. You can also add in dried fruits, strawberries, raspberries or just chocolate chips

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